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Weekly Driver Service – Book Driver is there for you for a whole week.

Some trips and projects are longer than a day and shorter than a month. what if we tell you, you can avoid the daily tough work of booking a driver to drive your car and you can also avoid going for monthly driver service for a shorter need?
Yes, we are introducing our weekly driver service to satisfy that moderate need.

Our weekly driver service is there to save you from repetitive booking for a whole week.

A week is not an unimportant period when it comes to your safety and consumer experience. Keeping your need for a driver for diverse periods in consideration we have brought to you our weekly driver service.

All of us have trips and projects that fall between the length of a day and a month. Managing everyday bookings for a driver or committing to a monthly motive force provider for a shorter period may be impractical.

It’s in which our Weekly driver facility offers the rescue.
With our specific weekly driver service, you can store yourself from the repetitive reserving hassle for an entire week.

We apprehend the importance of protection and an amazing client experience, that’s why we have added the Weekly driver service to fulfill your numerous time-based wishes.

Whilst you’re in the UAE and need a reliable driver facility for a week or more, “Book Driver” is your solution.
Our Weekly driver facility is designed to make your journey less complicated and very convenient, presenting you with a dedicated driver who will satisfy all of your driving needs for a whole week.

Whether or not you’ve got vital enterprise conferences, social events, or amusement sports planned, our weekly driving force service ensures you have a relaxing experience.

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Weekly Driver Service Plans in Dubai.

About our Weekly driver facility in Dubai, we provide reasonable plans to deal with your busy agenda and particular requirements. You may choose from the following alternatives:

1. 5 days a week, nine to 10 hours an afternoon: AED 1,600 in line with the week.

2. 6 days per week, nine to ten hours an afternoon: AED 1,650 in keeping with the week.

3. 7 days per week, 9 to ten hours a day: AED 1,700 per week.

Our pricing ensures that you get wonderful service without compromising your budget.

Whether or not you need a weekly motive force for work, activities, or amusement, “Book Driver” has you all sorted. From Monday to Sunday, our drivers are ready to accompany you on your journey and offer a smooth and exciting experience.


Get a Diver Every In Exceptional Rates.

In the latest rapid-paced world, your lifestyle is surely packed with numerous commitments and duties.

Finding the time to take yourself from one place to some other can be hard, and the pressure of navigating via busy traffic can put your well-being at stake.

With “Book Drive” Weekly driver service, you don’t have to worry about driving or navigating strange routes.

We are here to take the load off your shoulders and offer you a committed driving experience. Our dedicated drivers will take you to any place you need to move, every time you want.

Regardless of what plans life throws at you, you can easily put your faith in “Book Driver” to get you there thoroughly and quite simply. Simply hop into your car, sit back, and relax – we’ve got got this one covered!

Affordable Charges.

Our weekly driver service offers an alternative to steeply-priced taxi and limousine fees.
By using a committed driver service for the week, you could save on expenses while enjoying an expensive and personalized experience.

Simple Reservations.

Reserving our weekly driver service is a breeze on our user-friendly platform.

With only a few clicks on your smartphone or a short visit to our website, you may book a driver for the entire week, making it trouble trouble-free system.


Benefits of Weekly Driver Service of Book Driver.

There are numerous perks to hiring our Weekly driver provider.

Journey on your automobile.

With our driver, you can ride in the comfort of your own vehicle to meetings, occasions, errands, and much more.
There may be no need to compromise your car and luxury while having the benefits of a devoted driver.

Much Less Pressure.

Say goodbye to the pressure of navigating unusual places or demanding approximate parking availability.
Our drivers are well-versed in Dubai’s roadways and traffic conditions, making sure an easy and time-friendly adventure.

Sit Back And Loosen Up.

Our expert drivers are educated to handle numerous traffic situations, giving you the freedom to take a seat in the back of your car and loosen up during your travel. You could use this time to enjoy views or make phone calls.

Reliable and honest.

At “Book Driver” we take excellent care in selecting and schooling our drivers. They are not only just highly skilled but also honest and reliable.
You can rely upon them to be punctual and deliver excellent service.

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Why Book Safe Driver.?

Our Terms & Situations.

At “Book Driver,” we prioritize your comfort and luxury. Just pick our weekly driver service, and be free of all worries because we cope with all the essential preparations.

We offer our drivers visas, food, lodging, transportation, and medical insurance, making sure they are properly and reliable.

Transparency is a core cost for us, and we guarantee that there aren’t any hidden fees in our services. You simply pay for what is right and honest for the awesome service provided.

With “Book Driver,” you get the supreme facility and peace of mind, knowing that all elements of your driving wishes are looked after.









Life Full of Surprises.

Life is complete with sudden twists and turns. You could receive closing-minute calls from buddies for a weekend getaway, or your boss may also ask you to go on a commercial enterprise trip on a brief observation.

At “Book Driver,” we need to ensure that you get the freedom to seize those opportunities without demanding about transportation.

Our weekly driver service is designed together with your spontaneous lifestyle in mind.

Whether it is an unplanned weekend journey to the seaside, a short excursion to grandma’s residence, or attending an impromptu social occasion, we won’t let you experience the grief of missing out!

With “Book Drive” by your facet, you may enjoy the benefit of having a supportive driver service to take you anywhere you need to move.

Why Hire Us.

Availability Everywhere.

We operate at some spots in the UAE, making sure that you access our weekly driver service anywhere you are. No matter the location, our drivers are geared up to be at your provider.

Experienced and Expert Drivers.

At “Book Driver,” we take pride in our group of enormously skilled and professional drivers. They go through rigorous profile checks to make certain they meet the highest requirements of service.

Their know-how of the roads and visitors guarantees a smooth and efficient adventure, making your journey with us high-quality.

Courteous and Informed Drivers

Apart from being highly skilled, our drivers are also courteous and knowledgeable. They understand the significance of providing outstanding customer support and making your trip exciting.

You can expect them to be friendly, accommodating, and attentive to your needs during your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it called weekly driver service?

Because this service provides you with a service in which a professional driver will drive you to the desired location throughout the week.

How do I pay for weekly driver service?

You can choose an online payment method on our website.

I can change my weekly booking schedule?

You can make changes in your schedule on our websites, and we will accommodate your changes according to the driver’s availability.

Can I use weekly driver service for both personal and professional purpose?

Absolutely, our service is suitable for all your needs throughout the week.

Our Conclusion


“Book Driver” Weekly driver service is the only answer to your various driving needs in the UAE. Whether for work, entertainment, or spontaneous adventures, we are here to offer you a relaxed and convenient ride.

Our transparent pricing, skilled drivers, and dedication to delivering outclass service make us the wise choice for your weekly driver necessities.

Embrace the freedom to go anywhere the universe takes you, knowing that “Book Driver” is there to support those thrills.

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Happy Clients

Client Reviews

Raheleh Chassebi


Absolutely one of the best safe driver services in Dubai!
They were there within no time (quite literally 15 mins) and Arsalan who drove us home was absolutely professional, kind and a wonderful human being altogether. He made sure we felt safe the whole time and was pleasant company. Highly recommended and will definitely by my go to safe driver agency in the future too.

Mohib Ullah


Book drive was extremly useful in providing safedrivers for our get togeather party.the process of organising drivers was quick and effecient,all staff was very much helpfull throughout the whole process the drivers arrived on time as planned on the evening of the gettogeather party and their driving skills was excellent we reached safe on time I was very impressed ....

Irfan Khan


I have experienced a safest and professional service from Book Driver . Very knowledgeable drivers about cities in Uae. They delivered comfortable and appreciated services. I will choose this company in future and recommended to my families and friends.

Thank you very much to Book Drivers for your wonderful services.

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